Bitzer screw compressor unit with PLC control

Name:Bitzer screw compressor unit with PLC control
Production Place:Jinan,Shandong
Minimum Order Quatity:1
Delivery Time:30days
Payment:L/C T/T
Certification:CE,CCC ISO9001:2008
Free After-sales Service:one year
Oversea service:Provided
HS code:841869

  • Bitzer screw compressor unit with PLC control

Product Description


High Reliability. Components are world- famous brand products such as BITZER compressor, DANFOSS Controller, SIEMENS electrical members;

Safety The unit is with complete self protection system for high pressure, low pressure, oil level, oil temperature, oil flow, against overloading, overheat etc. 

Automatic and remote control With PLC control cabinet and unit can perform automatically without watching or connected with remote computer. Energy Saving. 

Capacity can be increased 35% and efficiency can be increased 20% than single compressor unit. 

High efficiency Multi-connected compressors save 20% to 50% electricity than single compressor unit. 

Convenient Installation. Most of refrigeration parts and electrical parts are factory-connected and only simple on-site installation is need. 

Compact structure The unit occupies only 1/6 space of Ammonia unit. 

Standard configuration 

Configuration of high temperature screw compressor unit  


Compressor,Suction stop valve,Exhaust valve,Crankcase heater,Spray connector⑴,Oil level switch,Oil separator,Oil level switch,Oil separator heater,Oil separation safety valve,Oil separation safety valve,Replaceable oil filter,Oil filter (2),Ball valve,The electromagnetic valve,Sight glass,Reservoir,Safety valve,Safety valve ball valve,Low level alarm (3),Reservoir inlet and outlet valve,Replaceable core liquid supply filter,Dry filter (2),Shut-off valve,Suction filter bucket,Suction filter (4),Angle valve,High pressure gauge,Low pressure gauge,High and low voltage controller,Start the control box,Parallel unit controller,Pressure Sensor,AC contactor,breaker


Economizer components,Oil pressure differential components (5),Gas-liquid separator,Heat exchanger,Return air stop valve,Valve for liquid supply regulating station,Main power switch (main circuit breaker)

Technical parameters 

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After-sale service  

Oversea after-sale is available to provide. 

Certification  CE,CCC,ISO

Delivery details 

Outer packing plastic Plank Delivery time :Within 30 days Transportation:aviation,shipping


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