Fishing Vessel Frozen and Refrigeration Unit

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Shenzhou
Certification:ISO 9001:2008, CE, CCC, QS
Model Number:SCBH
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Price for Reference:25000
Packaging Details:Plastic film & Plywood case
Delivery Time:30days
Supply Ability:5

Fishing Vessel Frozen and Refrigeration Unit

The main refrigeration equipment supplied by Shenzhou to the sea shipping sector includes chilling system, ref. plant, refrigeration unit that widely apply to various types of ocean-going fishing vessels . For example fishing trawlers, dredgers ,ice fresh ship, tuna longline fishing,ultra-low temperature tuna longline fishing,ocean-going fishing vessels ,ocean-going fishing vessels and research vessels for which we provide global support and installation (supervision).

Except to the standard model, the corresponding refrigeration equipment can be designed separately according to ship type and owner's requirements.

Type of compressor racks : single stage piston compressor parallel racks, two stage piston compressor parallel racks, screw compressor parallel racks etc.

Brand of compressor: Bitzer, Bock, Fusheng, Hanbell, Emerson