3 Phase Bitzer Reciprocating Compressor for walk in freezer

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Shenzhou
Certification:ISO 9001:2008, CE, CCC, QS
Model Number:SPBC4-20Y
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
compressor type:semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor
Packaging Details:Plastic film & Plywood case
Delivery Time:30days
Supply Ability:20 set/month
Oversea service:Provide


1) Energy saving. Through parallel connection, the unit will automatically change the working numbers of compressor depending on system load, which can save your running cost. 

2)High reliability Once one compressor has failure, the rest could run normally until the broken one is repaired.

3)Safety With complete protection system against overload, overheat, HP, LP etc, the unit could work normally even in very bad conditions; 

4)Remote Control With special controller, all operations and control can be achieved in office room; 

5)Compact structure Design was paid attention to system reasonability, and the unit could be located in front of or behind cold room without special machine room; 


As refrigeration source of Cold storage, food storage , food processing workshop, chemical and medicine , tunnel/spiral freezer, brewing machine, scientific research etc. 

3. Classification 

High temperature type: evaporating temperature range -20°C~+5°C, apply to room temperature -10°C~+15

low temperature type: evaporating temperature range -40°C~-15°C, apply to room temperature -30°C~-5°C Double-stage type: evaporating temperature range -45°C~-20°C, apply to room temperature -35°C~-10°C 

4.Standard Configuration 

Compressor, crankcase heater, oil pressure difference switch, refrigerant receiver, supply line filter, suction line filter, pressure controller, gauge panel, oil controller, electrical box, cooling fan(low temperature type ),inter cooler (double stage type).


High Temp. type 

Low Temp. type 

After-sale service 

Oversea after-sale is available to provide. 

Delivery details

Outer packing plastic Plank Delivery time :Within 30 days Transportation:aviation,shipping