Quick freezing unit with VSD

Name:Quick freezing unit with VSD
Place of Origin:Jinan,Shandong
Certification:ISO 9001:2008, CE, CCC, QS
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Delivery Time:30days
Payment:L/C T/T

  • Quick freezing unit with VSD

Product Description

Quick freezeing unit with VSD----The unit that we showed on International Fisheries Expo 2019


1. Better quality assurance: The Two-stage frequency conversion refrigeration unit has the lower evaporation temperature (at a minimum of -65℃), it reduces the water loss rate of the products during the quick freezing process and is better in maintaining the color of the frozen food.

2. Excellent energy-saving performance: variable frequency control, the cooling capacity can always match the load change of the quick-freezing machine, and the load is automatically adjusted according to the quick freezing amount, so that the unit is always in the best running state and achieves a large energy saving.

3. Stronger freezing capacity: Specially designed for quick freezing machine application, two

stage compression, frequency speed-increasing ,electronic expansion valve control, the lower  freezing demand temperature, the stronger freezing capacity, the greater unit advantage.

4. Advanced control system: It adopts advanced quick-free special visual controller and monitor, which can memorize the relevant parameters of machine operation, and switch the quick-frozen category with one button, which is convenient for querying faults, providing data reference and solving problems instantly.

5.Easy to use, low maintenance cost: semi-hermetic two-stage variable frequency screw compressor, no need for couplings and shaft seal parts, completely solve the leakage problem of refrigerant and refrigeration oil. Compressors, oil separators, inter-coolers, gas-liquid separators, and liquid accumulators have all been integrated into the unit, easy installation, easy operation, and low maintenance cost.

6.The unit has a cloud platform function: the status parameter of the machine can be checked on the mobile phone, you can grasp operating parameters and electricity charges of the machine at any time, it provides data support for operation and management.

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